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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Welcome everyone.... first off its a big pat on the back to all those bloggers out there who are bringing issues that some of us never knew existed due to the lack of their coverage by mainstream media. Also a huge shout out to all those mainstream media journalists and TV anchors who have begun blogging in Bahrain and elsewhere. Keep up the good work and we hope others who work within the traditional media outlets will follow onwards. Secondly many thanks to our dear friend and fellow blogger, Haitham Sabbah, who runs AraBlog reBlog for being the main source of inspiration for us in launching News Blog re-Blog. This blog has been launched with the aim of adopting the same concept by AraBlog reBlog, however, instead of showcasing a majority of blog postings, News Blog re-Blog will highlight news topics and issues of interest that deserve to be mentioned but not published by the local daily newspapers.

At the start, most of the news topics that will be blogged would revolve around happenings in Bahrain but as time passes by and this blog sees progression, we hope to expand our coverage of news topics and awareness issues not published by the mainstream media in the region. Does this mean that News Blog re-blog can be considered at the same press level or as good as an officially recognized newspaper or official source of information? Not at all, we'd like to emphasize the point that this blog does not serve as an official newspaper web site nor does this blog undertake the responsibility of becoming an official online newspaper. The bloggers behind News Blog re-Blog are experienced, young and dynamic, we do not have the time to get 'officially recognized' nor do we have the resources required for becoming an official source of information. Therefore, as you may have seen, this blog is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, version 2.5 and come under the umbrella of the CPB (Committee to Protect Bloggers) and RSF (Reporters Sans Frontiers) while following guidelines set out by the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and other organizations internationally.

How exactly does News Blog re-Blog work if this blog is not an official newspaper or the like? Well, we will be blogging stories and reports that have already been published by other media outlets, may they be official or unofficial news feeds. All blog postings on News Blog re-Blog will be given the necessary credit and their sources will be linked where appropriate. One of our aims include honest reporting and editing while striving to bring our readers news reports as they happen, please keep in mind that due to scarce resources there may be times when this blog will take a break. That does not mean we will abandon our readers, fellow bloggers and others, it’s only an occasional blackout that many bloggers experience from time on and off. We have launched News Blog re-Blog as another experience that would widen our horizons and add on to our learning curve. You could also say or take it that we blog here as a hobby.

As of now, we have no interest in revealing our identities, since we'd like to keep our blogging interests separate from other interests and commitments we deal with in our lives. That may change in the near future. For now, we hope to keep readers informed of events and issues when they occur while respecting the laws in the region. You are requested to read our disclaimer and privacy policy for more information. We also respect the wishes of some readers who wish to leave comments but anonymously and therefore we've allowed that option in this blog, however, all racist, sexist and hate comments will be removed without warning so please do not abuse the comments section of this blog. It is true that there should be no censorship on the internet and blogs should not be banned, blocked or censored, with that said, we believe in responsible free speech and hope the readers of this blog will understand.

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